Face Lifting with MINT™ PDO thread:

Contouring treatment for timeless rejuvenation

Threads contouring treatment has been available for more than 100 years. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are not a new type of thread. This type of thread is safe and has less discomfort and downtime associated with its less invasive insertion technique.

What is PDO?

MINT™ PDO threads have moulded barbs around the threads in a unique 360 degree pattern. This design enables the moulded barbs to hold the tissues from all directions. This further contributes to their strength and long-lasting lifting power.

  •  Biodegradable via hydrolysis in 6-8 months
  •  A non-antigenic and nonpyrogenic polymer that causes minimal tissue reaction or adverse effect
  •  Studies show PDO induces various tissue changes and neocollagenesis
  •  Has a long safety track record in orthopedic & cardiovascular surgery

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